Innomate​ has done unique innovations that helps end users to get more out of the SAP SCM solution

Forecaster’s dashboard

Forecaster’s Dashboard brings to the table the full overview of the current demand plan grouped into the user selections and graphs of the recent planning history

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Management cockpits

Production Manager’s cockpit offers data from the production lines and the related inbound and outbound logistics, all at one sight.

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Google maps integration

With the technology used for the innovative user interface it’s more than often only your imagination that restricts the design and the final outcome

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Sales Forecast validation

What the Sales wants to know is when each Sales office has provided figures for the upcoming period. Why one or more Sales Rep’s are providing exceptional figures.

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Demand planning log

Best possible tools for SAP APO™ forecasting administration.

Possibility to follow-up and record made changes to APO LiveCache.

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