Innomate’s  application and business process consulting services are highly flexible and designed to meet the needs of our customers. Customers can choose a suitable implementation and application consulting service options.


Supply Chain Management

We offer SAP SCM advisory and consulting ranging from architecture and project management all the way to implementation and maintenance. Our experts will help you design and implement the best-fit solution for your company.

Transportation Management

SAP Transportation management (SAP TM) reduces transportation complexity, and integrates business and logistics throughout your network. Innomate has excellent capability and experience to implement sophisticated SAP TM solutions, with architectural knowhow how to best implement transportation management system to support core business functionalities and overall supply chain planning processes. We offer our unique end-to-end process knowledge and experience in complicated supply chains to our customers ensuring the best results when implementing transportation management processes.


Integrated Business Planning

SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) answers the market expectations for real-time supply and demand planning capabilities. Innomate offers expertise to manage and finetune your S&OP process with Integrated business planning. We have extensive experience in developing our customers S&OP and planning processes and excellent capabilities to implement the Integrated Business Planning to support and fulfill the customer expectations when developing the enhanced S&OP planning processes. Innomate has also the experience how to implement and deploy the different IBP applications independently and efficiently.

SAP Fiori user experience

With SAP Fiori user experience (UX) end users can have modern and role based user interfaces into SAP. You can use SAP standard Fiori user interfaces, or you are able to develop more sophisticated Fiori dashboards for a specific business need. Dashboards may present on-line data from the system so users are not making business decisions based on old data in reports. Fiori UI’s are easy to navigate, and you don’t have to remember specific transaction codes to launch needed operations in SAP. Innomate is able to specify and develop user-friendly Fiori user interfaces and dashboard based on customer business needs.


Application support and Service Management

Innomate can support and proactively further develop SCM solutions together with our customers. Our consultants are familiar with industry standard service processes like ITIL. We also know how to run commonly used service management tools and how to integrate those with Innomate service tools and processes. We can offer flexible service levels for our customers to provide the support in a cost-efficient way.

Implementation and Project management

Innomate has strong experience in implementing SCM solutions. We are able to take full responsibility of your SCM project and run that from the start to go-live and also hand-over the solution into the support team. We know how to make implementations using a traditional waterfall process and also how to use agile methods. If possible we usually recommend to start the project with a Proof-Of-Concept phase and then gradually develop the solution to suit all customer needs.